Kyoto Society for Inter-Art Exchange (JARFO) is a non-profit organization (N.P.O.) born in 1995 from the Japan Art Forum's experience that started the activities since 1992 in Tokushima Prefecture. JARFO's patronage is focused mainly on people involved in cultural and art activities. JARFO's Database project is made to collect useful information about you and your artworks and shows them in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Russian, French and German all over the world. JARFO's Database is accessible also from smartphones or tablets through the "jarfo.jp" web site. You can make your personal account for free.
HOW TO MAKE A NEW USER ACCOUNT AND MANAGE YOUR DATA. Open "jarfo.jp" with an Internet browser and follow the procedure below:
1. If you want to switch a language other than Japanese, select your language using the flags in the upper side of the page.
2. Select the "Login" item and press the "User Registration" button.
3. Edit your Username, Password, and E-mail in the input fields and press the "Submit" button.
a. Username: is not a public name so you can use the name that you prefer. You will edit your public name inside your profile data.
b. Password: It is a secret for us also so please remember it.
c. E-mail: for safety JARFO will send you instantly a confirmation code to this e-mail address. Please use an email address you can check immediately because you will need to enter that code on the next page within 10 minutes.
4. Check your mailbox and open the "JARFO web service" mail. Here you can read the four-digit confirmation code.
5. Write or copy and paste the code in the "Validation code" field and press the "Submit" button.
6. Now you are registered in our database so you can log in your profile from the "Login" item in the menu typing your username and your password.
7. When you make a log in your username will show in the left top part of the menu and a new "Profile" item will appear on the menu. Clicking here you can access your profile data.
8. In the "Profile" page please write the name that everybody will see in the "Artist Name" (Roman alphabet) field. jarfo.jp is an international web site so you can write your name in Japanese, Chinese and Korean too. At the top and also at the bottom of the "Profile" page there are "Save" and "Back" buttons. When you press "Save" the new data will be saved in the JARFO database. Please take care because if you press the "Back" button, if you change the page or if you close the JARFO web site without saving your modifies will be lost.
9. In the "Profile" page you can also add some data about you and decide if you want to show private data to everybody or if you want to show its only to JARFO staff. Private data are important for JARFO because we can use them to send you something, make telephone calls or send faxes to you. You can write all the data and use the "Show on the web" checkboxes to discriminate the information you want to show to everybody.
10. On the "Profile" page, you can also add information about your artworks using the "New artwork upload" button. On the "New artwork" page, you can select and upload JPG/JPEG image files. The size of the photos is automatically changed during upload. Please save your changes before leaving this page using the "Save" button at the bottom of this page.
Note: If you do not upload your face picture or any artwork pictures your profile will not visible in the “Artists” page.
If you have any technical questions, suggestions, or bug reports about JARFO's database, please email the webmaster Mario (mario@jarfo.jp) in English, Japanese, Korean or Italian.